Coffee Tour
Our plantations are located in the westerns Ghats, which is home to the Bababudangiri hills, the backbone for Indian coffee industry and is located in the southern peninsula of India.
Our plantations comprise of three estates that occupy an area of 1530 acres with an additional 200 acres of rubber. They are situated at elevations of 2500-3600 feet where the annual rainfall received ranges between 70 - 130 inches. All the Estates have intercrops growing along with the coffee that act as excellent shade varieties and also augment our production.
Our Estates
Kerkiecoondah Estate - Coffea Arabica and Robusta
Intercrops: Areca nut and Pepper
Badra BHR Estate - Coffea Robusta
Intercrops: coconut, pepper and areca nut
Bettadakhan Estate - Coffea Arabica
Intercrops: Pepper and cardamom.
The gross annual production of Coffee from our estates amounts to 750-850 tons of which 650 tons consist of washed Arabicas and Robustas and the remnant being Cherry coffees. 55% of this gross is exported. The estates also boast of a produce about 20 tons of pepper and 30 tons of areca nut.