History of badra
The Badra story began in 1943, when the family concern of Badra Estates and Industries Ltd first started to cultivate some of India's best shade-grown estate coffees. Ours is more than a mere 56 yearlong history. It's a story of a heritage of care and traditional methods, a respect for the land and the people who work it, a heritage that is strengthened by the best in today's post-harvest technology and customer servicing.
This precise, precious harmony of tradition and modernity, nature and knowhow what makes every cup of Badra so special.
Badra estate crop is available direct to you, for you to enjoy in all its shade-grown, hand-picked, sun-dried flavour - a flavour derived from the traditional methods of cultivation and from the richness and fertility of our plantations - their lush, tropical climate and unparalleled highland location.